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Re: OK - more details for the CGI/cygwin problem (doesn't print allmy HTML & Javascript to screen)

John McAllister wrote:
Hello again,

I guess my earlier message was either ignored or people didn't know what I
was talking about. I didn't want to post all my code, because I don't think
the problem lies within the code (the exact same cgi program works on the
Red Hat UNIX client/server enviroment that it was created in). I was just
trying to find out if it was a common problem ie. that an application that
works perfectly well on UNIX does not when transferred to cygwin.

I'll try to keep this brief:

if (strcmp(cgi_request, "h")==0)
   {  insert_js("/home/John

OK - I simply call two functions if the correct request type is posted.

void insert_js(char *file_name)
{  FILE *fp;
   char buffer[65536];
   int res;

   fp = fopen(file_name, "r");

Here's a red flag.  This goes back to the comment I made about binary/text
mode issues I mentioned in response to your first post on this subject.
If you expect the behavior of text files to mirror binary ones (as they
do on UNIX/Linux), you'll want to port your program appropriately.  See
the User's Guide for other options and short-cuts.

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