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Re: cygwin 1.3.20-1 and python 2.2.2-5

On Tue, Feb 18, 2003 at 05:57:05AM -0700, wrote:
> I use a python script (NTLM APS, see
> to access the web from cygwin (and other windows apps) at work. This
> proxy software allows you to authenticate via an MS Proxy Server using
> the proprietary NTLM protocol.
> Since I upgraded cygwin to 1.3.20, it's not working anymore.
Details? For example, does APS hang? Or, does it just fail with an
It's just sitting here, accepting connections from the softs who adresses it. But it does not forward them to the MS Proxy.
The screen debug tells:
With cygwin 1.3.19:
NTLM authorization Proxy Server v0.9.8 at "PRDRBNO:5865".
2001-2002 (C) by Dmitry Rozmanov
Connected from
..+.. Finished
With cygwin 1.3.20:
NTLM authorization Proxy Server v0.9.8 at "PRDRBNO:5865".
2001-2002 (C) by Dmitry Rozmanov
Connected from
In the log I have:
With cygwin 1.3.19:
18.02.2003 14:53:27 Version 0.9.8
*** Got client request header.
*** Connecting to remote server...(
*** Sending client request header to remote server...Done.
*** Got remote server response header.
[...Authentication stuff...]
*** Sending remote server response header to client...Done.
*** Lowered authentication flags down. As the code is neither 401 nor 407.
*** Sent 2026 bytes to client. (all - 0, len - 0)
*** Remote server closed connection. (Server buffer - 0 bytes)
*** No server's data to send to the client. (server's buffer - 0 bytes)
*** Termination conditions detected (remote server closed connection). Stop Request issued.
*** Finishing procedure started.
*** Closing thread...Done.
With cygwin 1.3.20, I've just the first line (date/time log).
Does APS use threads?
Yes it does. At least, it does an "import thread" at the beginning of the script. As I wrote, I don't know much about python...
I am currently tracking down two Python regression test (i.e.,
test_asynchat and test_socket) hangs with 1.3.20-1 which may be related
to your problem.  My problem was introduced between 1.3.19-1 and the
2003-Feb-01 snapshot.  With a limited amount of debugging, it appears
that creating a two sockets in two separate threads causes the second
one to hang.
I've CC'd the author of APS.

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