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Re: Help with exim! Outlook doing SMTP through a local exim sometimes hangs...

At 10:22 PM 2/17/2003 -0500, Chuck Ocheret wrote:
>So I have exim working fantastically with various user agents.  However,
>I'm having an intermittent problem with Outlook where it hangs while
>trying to send mail out through exim. 

I never tried that but Outlook can work with exim. 
As suggested by Andrew, ask on the exim list.
FYI exim supports Microsoft's Secure Password Authentication (SPA)
mechanism but it is included in the precompiled version. 

>In Outlook I set up 'localhost' as an outgoing SMTP server.  I turn on
>secure password authentication and provide my username and password 

This may be of interest, the exim list will tell you if Outlook behaves 
as Netscape   <>

"Some mail clients (for example, Netscape) require the user to provide a name 
and password for authentication whenever AUTH is advertised, even though 
authentication may not in fact be needed (for example, Exim may be set up to 
allow unconditional relaying from the client). You can make such clients 
more friendly by not advertising AUTH to them. For example, if clients on 
the network are permitted (by the ACL that runs for RCPT) to 
relay without authentication, you should set 

  auth_advertise_hosts = ! "

>Oh, and after one of these hangs, I get the following message in the
>exim_main.log file.
>2003-02-17 21:48:23 unexpected disconnection while reading SMTP command
>from (turbo) []

That indicates an EOF while reading from Outlook.
To find out why yourself, run the server from a shell with debug on 
(exim -d -bd) and watch (or capture) the dialog.
To avoid having to change file ownership, etc.. you can open a shell in the 
service environment by clearing the SYSTEM password in /etc/passwd, 
telneting (or rlogin) to localhost and logging in as SYSTEM (put the password
back while not debugging !).   

Good luck.


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