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Re: Duplicate CygWin

On Tue, 18 Feb 2003, Ben Clewett wrote:
> I understand the problem with the shared memory.  Just the same as old 
> network cards with conflicting memory address I guess ?
not quite, but kinda...

> So, to have two running hetrogenious cygwin's, which may be different 
> versions, I need:
> -	Rename the memory address space.

> - Ensure safe location of cygwin1.dll so that no application uses wrong
>   one.
either that, or just rename the DLL, like the Xygwin people did. When you 
link against a DLL, the name of the DLL is put in the created binary, so 
anything linked to myCygwin1.dll will always look for myCygwin1.dll, not 

> -	Get the different root '/' mount points to be respected.

> With the mount points, I was hoping a *hack* as simple as:
> char *pRootMount; pRootMount = getenv("ROOT_MOUNT");
> if (pRootMount) { ....; return; }
> Can be inserted somewhere...
> Or maybe even better, the variable FSTAB pointing to an /etc/fstab file 
> on the Windows PC...  Endless options.
write and contribute - I'm sure a properly developed and 
copyright-assigned set of patches will be thankfully accepted by the 
Cygwin developers. AFAIK (but Chris and Corinna may want to correct me 
here) the registry entries for Cygwin are bound to go away at some point 

Note, though, that putting an fstabs file in an /etc directory somewhere 
will probably not be enough: you still have to find the /etc directory in 
a clean (and portable) manner.

> I'll look for the memory naming following your instructions.
> In both cases, I would prefer any options which didn't mean forking the 
> code.  So I would be interested in your opinions...
Options *not* forking the code but allowing you to have two different 
Cygwin installations with different mountpoints on the same system??
Sorry, I can't think of any, but AFAICT, you'll just have to keep a set of 
patches around and apply them to every release of the Cygwin sources. I'd 
be surprised if the code that takes care of the shared memory region and 
the mount points in Cygwin moves around much.


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