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Re: Using Cygwin as X Emulator

On Tue Feb 18 10:42:13 2003, Manu Anand wrote:
> Hi Gang
> First post here:)
> I would like to ask that whether it is possible to use Cygwin as X Emulator?
> I am connecting to a RH 7.2 box and would like to run X apps. The 
> functionality I have in mind is that of EXceed but EXceed is atrociously
> costly.
> In case it is not possible using Cygwin,I'll like more pointers towards such
> a
> tool.In case no such tool is available how do I go about designing one??

I personally use TightVNC for this it is really efficient.

> Thank You
> -Manu Anand
> Bangalore,India
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