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Re: find not finding everything?

* linda w (cyg) (03-02-17 02:59 +0100)
> I notice that when I do a "find C:\\", or a find "/cygdrive/c",
> I don't get files under my cygwin dir.  Why is that?  I could
> imagine that it might judge them as separate file systems and might
> exclude them if I used "find -xdev...", but seems that /cygdrive/c
> or C:\\ should give whole disk....?
> I could see find not following 'cygdrive' mounted file systems -- like
> if I started at "/", I'd only get stuff under my cygwin dir but not
> under the automounted cygdrive dirs....
> Rationale?  Feature?  Bug?  just weirdness?  :-)

Probably a bug. Similar things happen with 'updatedb' (a shell script 
using 'find'):

,--- * updatedb and /cygdrive/c (24.01.2003 20:06:36)
| Two problems with Cygwin and "updatedb":
| 1. "updatedb" terminates with
| "/usr/bin/find: . changed during execution of /usr/bin/find".
| This happens unless called with '--prunepaths="/cygdrive"' 
| ("/cygdrive" is a "real" directory).
| 2. I'm calling "updatedb" with
| '--prunepaths="/cygdrive /cygdrive/c/CDROM /cygdrive/c/FLOPPY /cygdrive/c/DATA/cygwin /dev /proc"'
| (DATA, FLOPPY and CDROM are mounted under Windows XP). 
| Unfortunately "updatedb" omits certain directories (/cygdrive/c/DATA 
| /cygdrive/c/DATA/VPOP3 /cygdrive/c/WINDOWS). So I have to say 
| explicitly:
| '--localpaths="/ /cygdrive/c /cygdrive/c/DATA /cygdrive/c/DATA/VPOP3 /cygdrive/c/WINDOWS"'
| Does anyone know why "updatedb" doesn't like "/cygdrive" and why 
| certain directories aren't searched?!

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