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Re: Obtaining a pervious version

Christopher Faylor wrote:
The sources available for download are for 1.3.2.  The differences are
below.  Basically, it seems like they made a few changes without really
thinking too hard about what they did.  So, the cygwin mount table will
be found in another registry entry but it will end up in the same shared
memory region.

Reading further in the thread, I see that there was an accommodation of
sorts.  I want to point out that it should be possible to build any
of the tools that you're using under cygwin.  IMO, that's the best
solution to this.

In fact, it should be possible to just binary edit the tools and change
the 'xygwin1.dll' to 'cygwin1.dll'.  Then you can just get rid of the
xygwin1.dll crap entirely.
Thanks for that - I'll pass it on to the developers. I expect they'd probably rather focus on supporting their tools anyway, instead of a non-standard compatibility layer.



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