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Re: Obtaining a pervious version

Hey everyone,

Thanks all for your input and comments on this thread. If nothing else I've learned a little more about the mechanics of Cygwin, which can't be a bad thing.

I have re-assessed my needs and decided I am, in fact, better off running with Cygwin and Xygwin side-by-side, completely independent of each other. Where I need cygwin utils, I'll run them under Cygwin, and likewise for Xygwin. It shouldn't matter for my end product. In case anybody's interested, I'm porting linux to Xilinx's soft-core embedded processor. I'll run the kernel configuration and dependency generation tools under Cygwin using native x86 gcc and bin-utils, then switch to Xygwin to do the cross compilation.

I realise this is not ideal, nor is it a particularly clean or elegant solution. I will pass on some of the comments made here to the Xygwin developer, and see if they are interested in "beefing" up their version to make it more compliant. However, since they are just doing it to provide a basic support layer to their gcc cross-compiler, it is unlikely to be a priority for them. I can understand that, and certainly won't be badgering them about it. One point I have raised is if they really need Xygwin at all, or if they could just build their tools under "standard" cygwin. We'll see what comes of it.

Thanks again,


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