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Re: Obtaining a pervious version

Igor Pechtchanski wrote:
> John,
> FYI, if you simply copy the DLL, the programs will try to load it
> twice (once for each name).  As I see it, you have the following
> choices:
> 1) Check out from CVS with the "cygwin-1-3-13-1" or "cygwin-1-3-13-2"
>    tag (depending on the version they used) and compile a xygwin1.dll
>    with a different shared memory region name.


First, the cygwin CVS tags are for cgf's private use, and are not guaranteed
to correspond exactly to releases. Also, they don't reach the sources
outside of winsup.

Second, if he were to get the Cygwin sources, he would be compiling

Actually, building a replacement *x*ygwin1.dll (with different shared memory
ID) from the *x*ygwin source tarball might be the easiest option.

> 2) Compile your own cygwin1.dll from CVS or sources (search the list
>    for instructions) with a different shared memory region name.

> 3) Recompile your toolset (as Max recommended).
> If I were you, I'd go with choice #1, as it'll be easier to update
> cygwin1.dll after that, and it doesn't involve the effort of
> recompiling the whole toolset.  Choice #3 is probably the most
> prudent in the long run, though.

#3 is certainly the conventional way to do it. But maybe, if you made an
alternate xygwin1.dll with different shared memory id, you could submit the
patch to xilinx, and then once they re-released, you wouldn't have the
problem any more?


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