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Re: Obtaining a pervious version

John Williams wrote:
> Larry Hall (RFK Partners, Inc.) wrote:
>> What doesn't work?  The Cygwin provided utilities or the Xygwin1
>> versions?
> Neither.  I can't run either Cygwin utilities under Xygwin, nor the
> Xygwin utilities under Cygwin.  Full error messages were posted
> earlier in the thread.

And Chris Faylor explained them. The Xygwin people didn't bother to change
the shared memory ID, so, in fact changing the DLL name was pointless. All
the usual issues (i.e. it is impossible) involved with multiple versions of
cygwin1.dll still apply in this case.

>> I wouldn't necessarily expect the Cygwin utilities to work in this
>> situation, since they may be using something in the newer
>> cygwin1.dll.
> Hence my original question about winding back the clock.

Won't help, for reason above.

>> I suppose you could always use  strace if this doesn't answer the
>> "it doesn't work" question.
> Good tip. Thanks, I'll give it a try.

Won't help - we know the problem already - as above - multiple DLL versions
trying to use the same shared resources.


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