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Re: Obtaining a pervious version

John Williams wrote:
Christopher Faylor wrote:

Ok. This version just changes the name of the DLL from cygwin1.dll
to xygwin1.dll.

What surprises me though is that if I duplicate xygwin1.dll to cygwin1.dll, it doesn't work???

What doesn't work?  The Cygwin provided utilities or the Xygwin1 versions?
I wouldn't necessarily expect the Cygwin utilities to work in this
situation, since they may be using something in the newer cygwin1.dll.
But either way, you still won't be able to mix and match utilities
unless everyone references the same DLL.  Simply copying DLLs around
and renaming them doesn't resolve this issue, assuming that's what
you're trying to do.

I suppose you could always use strace if this doesn't answer the
"it doesn't work" question.

Am I missing something here?


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