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upgrading broke cygwin?

Hi, I recently ran setup.exe to upgrade my cygwin packages and this seems to have broken it. Now when I type make it tells me:

/c: Can't open /c: No such file or directory

If I create a /c then make works. It never did that before the upgrade though. Also, man and which don't seem to work right anymore. If I type 'man command' for any command it always tells me there's no entry. And if I type 'which command' or 'which command.exe' for any command that's in my path, it always tells me the commands aren't found.

I tried completely reinstalling cygwin and I get the same exact behavior. Since there's not really any uninstall option the way I uninstalled it was by deleting my C:\Cygwin folder and then deleting anything that said cygnus from my registry. I'm hoping that's the correct way to do it? At any rate it didn't make any difference.

My OS is Windows XP Pro if that matters. Any help or advice will be greatly appriciated.


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