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Why so harsh? (RE: Why the rash...)

> From: []On Behalf
> Of Christopher Faylor
> Sent: Sunday, February 16, 2003 10:36 PM

> I was asking why there was recently a number of people installing
> without setup and then complaining when things don't work.

 And you got told about *one* reasonable cause to "install without setup" or
at least to download by other means.

>  I could care
> less if someone has a system that is working smoothly for them which
> bypasses setup.exe.  I don't CARE if experienced users have something
> which works for them.  That very obviously have nothing to do with what
> I was talking about.

 Sorry, I have to disagree... that was my main comment.

> Go back and read my original question rather than
> jumping into the middle of a discussion.

 Is this a flame war? Not MY intention.

 Likewise I don't care much bout your ranting of beeing off topic and
missing the point. Apart from the sentence above: Another of _MY_ points in
this is discussion is the TONE of your writing. (Anybody got a good link for
plain netiquette?)

 I do prefer a lower tone, and an open mind.
Even things beeing a bit at the side of a discussion might bring it forth.
To just shove people away without consideration is plain rude - and causes
nothing but harm.

> >Here comes more of "I have no insight" to rant on; just shoot (I
> wouldn't be
> >too surprised as I haven't read much of the FAQ's and README's):
> Ok.  I stopped reading here.  Anyone who actually admits to not reading
> documentation and clearly can't even comprehend the whole purpose of the
> question deserves no further consideration.

 So!? IMO you prooved my point once again.
The result of all this? IMHO plain counterproductive.

 The remainder of the text contains my two cents worth of words...
If *YOU* don't get a flash of genius from it, that's fine with me.

 As there are others than you reading the comments on your postings, you
do not have to take them as *personal* insults.

 Just ponder a bit on this: What you can't see the point of might be the
match for somebody else's thoughts; making him/her appear here with more
comments or suggestions.

 ... one (wo)man's opinion isn't everybody's (is that a saying?)

 Now, why don't you take a deep breath and _relax_.
That's what I'm gonna do - no use in continuing this.

/Hannu E K Nevalainen, Mariefred, Sweden - EE/u systems - RSN

A side-note: In all this there might one more source of antagonism:
 - I am NOT that fluent in English.
 - I don't spell correctly at times.
 - The order or choice of words might be wrong - giving a NOT INTENDED
   i.e: Swedish has less "strict" rules in word order when compared to
 - Other languages have other dissimilarities; thus creating potential

 The same applies on my reading...

And more: I'm sure there are OTHER PEOPLE out there that has meningful
things to say, but even lesser skill in English.
Harsh wording might cause them to not share thoughts with us.

(A thought: I'm sure any book company editor can tell you about the amount
of crap
they read before they find something useful)

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