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Re: Why the rash of people bypassing setup.exe to install?

Dieter Meinert wrote:
> I was going through all this thread wondering if noone
> would see the (to me as a late Un*x guy) obvious:
> Consider a slooooooooooooooooooooow net connection, e.g by
> 14.4 K Modem, or as Hannu does,
> several hosts to be updated. The natural thing to me
> appears to download the tar file, unpack
> it somewhere, probably on a CD, and then run setup on your
> target machine.

What are you talking about? You do *not* unpack the downloaded tar files
manually. EVER. You use setup.exe. Why do you think that is a good idea?

> This would account for a load on the tar files while setup
> isn't really triggered on the mirrors.

I think you are confused. Setup is an .exe that is run locally. The phrase
"setup isn't triggered on the mirrors" is meaningless.

> In this context I'd consider it a bad, at least confusing,
> idea to rename the tar.bz2 files to something else.

It seems to me that you are confused, and if the files had been renamed, you
wouldn't be.


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