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RE:size limit for static arrays in cygwin/gcc


A couple of months ago, someone reported on how local (stack) allocations larger than a certain threshold were allocated on the heap. In fact, you, Danny, contributed materially to that thread: Subject "Strange behaviour of gcc" starting with a posting by on Dec. 24, 2002.

In that case Fabrizio wanted to avoid the dependence that heap allocation created on the runtime or C library. That was C/C++ code and I don't know where this allocation strategy is implemented--i.e., whether it's in a language-specific front-end or a language-independent back-end of GCC (and here we should emphasise the official name: the GNU Compiler Collection, not the GNU C Compiler as many believe it to mean).

You also supplied this tidbit:

To disable stack probing, add this switch  -mno-stack-arg-probe.

Just something to keep in mind.

Randall Schulz

At 11:56 2003-02-16, Danny Smith wrote:

"Charles D. Russell" <worwor at bellsouth dot net> wrote:

> Meanwhile, I am trying to find an equivalent problem in C so that it will
> get more attention. Unfortunately, I don't know much C. The subsequent
> program fails with a segmentation violation if one tries to allocate more
> than a few Mb of memory on either my old or my new system. Why? What limit
> am I bumping into?

By default stack reserve is set to 2MB by ld.exe. Try setting stack reserve higher, eg,
will get you 32MB stack reserve


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