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size limit for static arrays in cygwin/gcc

  I have two systems, one with 64 Mb of physical memory and standard cygwin
installation that I have used happily for over a year, and a newer one with
512 Mb of physical memory.  On the new one, I have used regtool to set 1024
Mb.  The max_memory program listed in the users guide now verifies 1024 Mb.
  My problem is getting cygwin/g77 or cygwin/f2c to fully utilize the memory
in the new computer so that I can enlarge the array sizes in my fortran
programs to accomodate my largest data sets. If anyone is willing to read a
posting with "fortran" in the subject line, they can find my real problem
described a few threads back. I described a fixup that works for me, but I
whether it is safe and stable.
   Meanwhile, I am trying to find an equivalent problem in C so that it will
get more attention.  Unfortunately, I don't know much C.  The subsequent
program fails with a segmentation violation if one tries to allocate more
than a few Mb of memory on either my old or my new system.  Why?  What limit
am I bumping into?

/* bigc - find max static array size */
/* same size limit whether bigger array or multiple arrays */
/* if arrays are allocated dynamically, one can access much more mem */
#include <stdio.h>
int main(){
int i,j, idim;
double array[100000][2]; /* works OK */
/* double array[100000][3]; */ /* seg fault */
return 0;

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