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Re: How to make dos windows bring up BASH automatically

* Steve (03-02-16 18:17 +0100)
> Max Bowsher wrote:
>> Steve wrote:
>>> I have set up my path so that I can type "bash" in any dos window and
>>>get bash.
>>>I would like to set this up to be automatic, such that whenever I
>>>activate a window for dos, that dos window comes up with the command
>>   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>> Please explain what you mean by this.
> Well right now I can bring up dos and type "bash" to get bash in that 
> window.

DOS is an Operating system that's been dead for years and it didn't 
have any windows at all.
> I would like not to have to type "bash".
> I would like to bring up a dos window and have bash already be there as 
> if I typed bash.

So you "bring up" a "DOS" window, which in fact is a Cmd.exe or window, by typing "Cmd" or "Command" or by double clicking 
a shortcut to Cmd.exe/!

So simply double click the shortcut to bash or to cygwin.bat.

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