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Re: How to make dos windows bring up BASH automatically


I see. This will work if a simple invocation of "bash" with no options is acceptable.

1) Make sure Cygwin's /bin or /usr/bin directory are in your system-wide PATH.
2) Invoke "cygstart bash" (don't type the quotes, of course)

A new window appears running a new instance of BASH.

If you want to run a script so you can do more sophisticated start-up processing (or simply passing some options to bash), you'll need to set up an association for a suffix (possibly .sh or .bash) and create a script with such a name and start that with cygstart.

You'll need to install the "cygutils" package to get "cygstart."

Randall Schulz

At 09:17 2003-02-16, Steve wrote:
Max Bowsher wrote:
Steve wrote:

I have set up my path so that I can type "bash" in any dos window and
get bash.

I would like to set this up to be automatic, such that whenever I
activate a window for dos, that dos window comes up with the command
Please explain what you mean by this.

to switch to bash already executed.
Well right now I can bring up dos and type "bash" to get bash in that window.

I would like not to have to type "bash".

I would like to bring up a dos window and have bash already be there as if I typed bash.

Sorry for not being clear


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