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RE: kudos!


At 22:17 2003-02-15, Gary R. Van Sickle wrote:
You know, I've been 'round these parts for a long time now, and I recall very
few instances of the "Cygwin sucks" type of messages you describe. Like one guy
in fact. Yeah, I know it's meant in jest, but lordy, learn how to take a
compliment guys, sheesh.
Then your memory is faulty. Too much fruit of the brewery? Posts of which mine was a caricature are a regular feature. Evidently Chris thought so, too. I reviewed a few samples of the genre to get ideas on how to compose my own feeble attempt at humor.

And I take exactly none of the compliment or gratitude as accruing to my benefit, so perhaps it was out of line for me to write what I did, but it was meant strictly as humor.


At the risk of yet another torrent of sarcasm, I fully concur with Alec. Cygwin ROCKS THE CASBAH!
I sure hope I haven't given the impression that I feel otherwise. I talk Cygwin up a lot outside this forum.

Warts and all. Everybody involved should be proud of what's been done here. In my work alone, you've directly contributed to saving untold numbers of lives (we build heart diagnostic equipment). Lord knows what other great things Cygwin is enabling around the world.
And the warts themselves become ever fewer and more negligible.

Gary R. Van Sickle
Brewer.  Patriot.

Randall Schulz

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