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Re: kudos!


There appears to have been an error in the delivery your message. All that got through was a simple thank-you and a compliment.

Apparently lost in the transmission of your message was the part following the complimentary thank-you in which you complain about the idiotic way in which file permissions are handled, the blatant failure of the "login" and "su" commands, the non-standard tty signal handling and dozens of other not-too-small defects that collectively show that the Cygwin engineers (so-called) know nothing about security, Unix, Windows, C/C++ or probably even what a Turing machine is.

Also missing was the incontrovertible and unambiguous evidence of Cygwin's utter shoddiness displayed by your perfectly functional Linux software whose compilation under Cygwin causes the seriously mis-configured GCC compiler to emit thousands of diagnostics and how after you managed to squelch them all, the resulting executable not only crashes immediately after being invoked but also causes Cygwin to bring your system down with a BSOD.

Could you resend please? We prefer HTML mail with lots of embedded screen shots in BMP format that depict the multifarious defects in graphic detail for all the world to see.

Thanks. We'll all feel better when we get that.

Randall Schulz

At 18:05 2003-02-15, Alec Effrat wrote:
Just wanted to drop a note... kudos on a great thing for those of us enslaved on a wintendo.


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