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Re: procmail and NTSEC

On Sun Feb 16 08:54:49 2003, Greg Matheson wrote:
> On Sat, 15 Feb 2003, Ajay Simha wrote:
> > > >>> When I had NTSEC on I'd get:
> > > >>> $ procmail VERBOSE=yes .procmailrc < testmail
> > > >>> procmail: [3936] Wed Feb 12 00:39:58 2003
> > > >>> procmail: Suspicious rcfile "/home/asimha/.procmailrc"
> > > >>> procmail: Couldn't read "/home/asimha/.procmailrc"
> I don't know about NTSEC, but man procmail says:
>        Suspicious rcfile "x"  The owner of the rcfile was not the recipient or
>                               root, the file was world writable, or the direc-
>                               tory that contained it was  world  writable,  or
>                               this  was the default rcfile ($HOME/.procmailrc)
>                               and either it was group writable or the directo-
>                               ry that contained it was group writable (the rc-
>                               file was not used).

Yes. It was a combination of not having the right content in /etc/passwd /etc/group
and file permissions and directory permissions of my home directory.

Now for the record here is what things look like:

asimha@ASIMHA-W2K /home]$ ls -l
total 0
drwx------+   8 asimha   Administ        0 Feb 15 21:03 asimha

[asimha@ASIMHA-W2K ~]$ ls -l .procmailrc
-rw-------+   1 asimha   Administ     2246 Feb 15 00:38 .procmailrc

[asimha@ASIMHA-W2K ~]$ !procmail
procmail VERBOSE=yes .procmailrc < testmail
procmail: [3836] Sat Feb 15 21:06:48 2003
procmail: Rcfile: "/home/asimha/.procmailrc"
procmail: Assigning "MAILDIR=/home/asimha"
procmail: Assigning "MAILDIR=/home/asimha/mail/"
procmail: Assigning "FORMAIL=/usr/bin/formail"
procmail: Assigning "LOGFILE=/home/asimha/procmail.log"
procmail: Opening "/home/asimha/procmail.log"

Now ssh is happy with the permissions and ownership as well.

Thanks to all who helped.  And anyone who runs into this problem please feel free to email me
(while copying of course :-).

I now have mutt, procmail, fetchmail, ssh, aspell combination working. I want to get something
decent working for printing from within mutt next.

Currently for printing from mutt I use a simple shell script:

cat $1 > /tmp/tmp.txt
cygstart --print /tmp/tmp.txt

this allows the tmp.txt to be handled by winword (default handler for txt files in my setup).

I'm sure that there are better ways but this works for directly connected and network printers.

> So perhpas your home directory is world writeable, or group writeable.
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