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Re: [Problem] mempcpy is missing? (FAQ alert)

Max Bowsher wrote:

3 things:
- The issue here was mempcpy, not memcpy
okay, fine...

- Cygwin *doesn't* have a memcpy.h
It was simply an example. sure, memPcpy is declared in string.h. The point is, the declaration is found, but the (test) link fails (during configury). and because it fails, your package provides its own implementation -- without realizing that the declaration in string.h conflicts. Thus, compile time failure when you actually build the project itself.

- I still don't understand what you are going to fix - am I missing the obvious?
It sounded to me like there was a problem in libintl's headers (and possible its configury) where it did not account for the possibility of a prior declaration. This is bad coding.

When you provide a replacement function, you should always define/declare it as




or use some unique prefix like libintl_foo(). Then, your code should call LIBINTL_FOO( (args) ). Now, if the function is in the system libs, then you want

#define LIBINTL_FOO(a) foo(a)

but if it isn't found, then you want

#define LIBINTL_FOO(a) libintl_foo(a)

Now, there are lots of little niggles that can bite you. I figured I would have to work at this a bit -- and I'd save this thread and get around to it when I next update gettext. BUT, I really didn't read the initial message that closely; "libintl has a problem" "Okay, that's my job to fix it."

Am I wrong? Without Chris's change to cygwin.din, is the problem actually somewhere *else* and not in libintl.h/etc? <excluding also any possibility of huge #ifdef CYGWIN structures spinkled all over newlib. ain't gonna happen>


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