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Re: [Problem] mempcpy is missing? (FAQ alert)

Many thanks to cgf for checking in the solution for mempcpy.
I'm now more than happy.

However you might also consider that there still remain a
significant number of potentially problematic function prototypes
from cygwin's header files: strndup, exp2, scalbln, tgamma, nearbyint,
lrint, round, lround, trunc, remquo, fdim, fmax, fmin, etc...
Unfortunately, mempcpy was just the tip of the iceberg.

Might I suggest that if keeping cygwin and newlib in sync is
logistically very complicated, and you don't wish to provide
cygwin-specific headers, you might ask the newlib folks
to incorporate "#ifndef __CYGWIN__" tags in their upstream

This approach makes it far easier for other newlib distributions
to strip these lines, than it it would be for cygwin's build
machinery (as suggested by Max) or GCC's fixincludes to correct
newlibs headers for use on cygwin, removing all the unexported
function prototypes.

You might also want to clarify the wording in the cygwin FAQ.
The text at the top of chapter 3, "What UNIX API calls are
supported by Cygwin?" implies that in addition to the functions
listed there, additional functionality is provided by newlib.

To avoid future FAQ alerts, you might want to mention that not
all of the functionality of newlib is avilable in cygwin.  And
perhaps even list the additional functions that are available
or list the newlib functions that aren't.

I do, however, much appreciate you efforts.  Many thanks once


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