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Re: Win 2000 : Open Files With Word & Excel From The Command Line


All right, all right. One is enough.

However, your solution is missing quoting of $arg in the "cygstart" invocation, and that's a Unix-centric practice we like to discourage around here because of the much greater likelihood of failure under Windows.

Also, cygstart resides in the "cygutils" package and that package that is not a core Cygwin component, so not everyone has it. From that perspective, a pure shell scripting solution is more universal.

Lastly, cygstart did occur to me after I sent my last reply, but I didn't feel like further self-flagellation.

Besides, doesn't anybody appreciate a convoluted solution to a simple problem any more? Where are all the aspiring Rube Goldbergs of the software age?

Randall Schulz

At 09:32 2003-02-15, Michael Schaap wrote:
On 15-Feb-2003 06:14, Randall R Schulz wrote:
Double damn!
Or maybe... Third time's the charm. Yeah, that's it!
for arg; do
wwArgs[${#wwArgs[@]}]="$(cygpath -m "$arg")"
exec "/cygdrive/c/Program Files/Microsoft Office/Office/winword.exe" "${wwArgs[@]}"
Or maybe...


for arg; do
    cygstart $arg

 - Michael

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