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Re: Adding new user

> I can imagine that this must get asked all the time,
> yet I wasn't able to find anything useful on Google or
> anywhere else.
> How do I create a new user account? I know that it
> probably has to exist as a Windows user first. So I
> created a new Windows user. But then what? How do I
> get cygwin to make a /home/newuser dir and understand
> that the user exists (in /etc/passwd etc.) so I can do
> "su - newuser" etc. ?

A la Cygwin Archives: <> , use the search
box at the top of the page. You'll find one answered by me ;-)

Once the user/group is added use mkpasswd or mkgroup respectively to add the
user the /etc/{passwd,group}:

mkpasswd -u USERNAME and -d (for domain users) or -l (for local users)

Check out `mkpasswd --help' or `mkgroup --help' for a full list of options.
You'll need to login as the user to create the home directory, and Btw su
does not exists in the cygwin distro. Try ssh instead...


Elfyn McBratney

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