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Re: Win 2000 : Open Files With Word & Excel From The Command Line


Damn. I forgot the part about converting the argument names from Cygwin / POSIX to Windows.

This is better:



for arg; do
wwArgs${#wwArgs@]}]="$(cygpath -w "$arg")"

exec "/cygdrive/c/Program Files/Microsoft Office/Office/winword.exe" "${wwArgs[@]}"

Note that to use the array syntax you have to use BASH.

This is still somewhat limited, in that it assumes all the arguments to the script are file names. I don't know that WINWORD.EXE accepts anything else, but if it does and you want to use them, this would have to be refined further.

Lastly, I guess there is now some Cygwin-specific aspects to this.

Randall Schulz


Do your scripts look something like this:


exec "/cygdrive/c/Program Files/Microsoft Office/Office/winword.exe" "$@"

If they're missing the "$@" part, they're not passing on the arguments you give the script to "winword.exe" or "excel.exe". The "exec" part at the beginning is optional, but definitely recommended in cases like this.

Oh, and to satisfy Thorsten: This is scripting 101 stuff and is in no way Cygwin-specific.

Randall Schulz

At 19:55 2003-02-14, Steve wrote:

I'm on win 2000 and I am using cygwin.

I put script files called "word" and "excel" in my /usr/local/bin. These files have the path to the ms word and ms excel executables.

They work, they bring up the apps, but I can't get the apps to take command line arguments to open remote files.

For example:

cygwin> word c:/docs/memos/parking/myfile.doc

opens only word not "myfile.doc".

Is there any way around this? I would love to be able to do this as it is monumentally faster then scrolling through a file dialog box or explorer to open up a file.



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