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Re: Why the rash of people bypassing setup.exe to install?

On Sat, 2003-02-15 at 09:28, Christopher Faylor wrote:

> You know, I almost mentioned that but I think that someone (Robert
> Collins maybe?) may have suggested this previously and I adamantly
> intoned that these were ".tar.bz2 files dammit".

We had a long thread on cygwin-apps about this ~ 18 months back. It's
the work of minutes to allow setup to install .cyg files - the encoding
(gzip or bzip2) will be autodetected. I'm happy to ensure that this is
in the next release.

> However, changing the extension would go some way towards alleviating
> this problem and it would open the door to creating different package
> formats, identifiable by magic number.

We already have that (magic number support in setup). There was a
contributed patch that we discussed the architecture of on cygwin-apps,
eventually I wrote a similar thing using that patch for inspiration /

> I was also thinking of creating a '/dev/tty' file in the archive which
> was just a real file containing the words "Hey! What are YOU DOING???" I
> think that would cause a tar extraction to print that message to the
> screen.  Don't know what it would do to setup.exe, though.

probably create c:/cygwin/dev/tty...


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