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Re: Why the rash of people bypassing setup.exe to install?

On Fri, Feb 14, 2003 at 03:45:37PM +0000, John M. Adams wrote:

> How do you get just 1 package via setup.exe?

When you reach the Select Packages dialog of setup.exe, hit the View
button (the tiny one on the upper-right...).  In the table there is a
column called "New" (I don't know why it's called that).  If you click
on the "cycle glyph" (that's what the FAQ calls it!), or just next to
it in the New column, for a package, you change what Setup will do with
that package.  For packages not already installed you can either Skip
the package, or choose the version you want to install (occasionally
you will have multiple versions of a package to choose from).  Already-
installed packages will be listed as "Keep" unless a newer version is

So, to install a single package you will want to mark everything you
already have installed as Keep, and everything else as Skip, then choose
the version of the package you want to install.  Setup will re-add any
dependencies, if required.

Unfortunately, if you just want to install a single package, and newer
versions of other packages that you already have installed have been
released, it's cumbersome to tell Setup not to upgrade those other
packages (ie. mark them all as Keep), because you have to scroll through
the entire list looking for version numbers of those other packages, so
you can set them all to Keep.


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