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Re: Bash shell


At 13:01 2003-02-14, Thorsten Kampe wrote:
* Randall R Schulz (03-02-14 18:28 +0100)
> I think we're really getting the tag-team meanness down to a fine art,
> aren't we?
> Or is it "good cop / bad cop?"

I don't see your point.

I stated that there is no Linux nor Cygwin nor Windows nor BSD bash.
It's just GNU bash and if you have a "how do I 'foo' in bash"
question, it's almost definitely not Cygwin related.

I don't understand how someone who's "not new to Linux" could think
that copy and paste is a shell thing. It isn't "in Linux".

Copying and pasting in Windows Cmd/Command is basic Windows knowledge.
If you're using "cygwin.bat", it even looks like a simple "DOS

For rxvt it's in the man page: "TEXT SELECTION AND INSERTION".

Sorry, I don't see your point.

It wasn't about the question or the answer, but rather about how different respondents say RTFM or "that's OT" while others cordially supply the answers and how the various roles in dealing with these tired old questions are traded around among the regulars and old-timers on the list.


Randall Schulz

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