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Re: Bash shell

Elfyn McBratney wrote:
Randall R Schulz wrote:

Hello, Fellow Curmudgeons,

I think we're really getting the tag-team meanness down to a fine art,
aren't we?

Or is it "good cop / bad cop?"

It has recently come to my attention that some people think the Cygwin
list is exceptionally unfriendly to the uninitiated. Of course, I'd just
like to think we hold a higher standard.

Here, here! :-)  I should point out that there are all kinds of opinions
out there.  While some might feel this list is unfriendly, others think
the reverse is the case.  I just had some email today from someone new
who posted to the list and wanted to send my response onto other lists
as an example of a "professional" response.  I'm sure the fact that this
person chose my response is completely coincidental.  There are certainly
lots of examples of great, friendly help from this list.  I see it

Well, I try ;-)

Well, I'd say you do more than that!  I expect others would agree.
I thank you for your help!

Larry Hall                    
RFK Partners, Inc.            
838 Washington Street                   (508) 893-9779 - RFK Office
Holliston, MA 01746                     (508) 893-9889 - FAX

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