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Re: The humble <DEL> and other editing keys

> > * ~/.inputrc works. /etc/inputrc doesn't. Why?
> Aaaah my cockpit error :::::-) Bash only checks for the existence of the
> user's or individuals' readline initialisation file.
> > * Is there documentation for this? Specific to Cygwin? Or,
> >    not necessary due to complete compatibility. Does
> >    terminfo, play a role, here?
> Well I found this out ages ago when I first started playing with
> I do have this in my bookmarks that might be of interest:
> <>
> > * How does one go about writing documentation for Cygwin?
> >    I'm interested.
> Erm...Well just write it! ;-) If you mean you want to write about the
> differences between vanilla UNIX and Cygwin then there's quite a bit in
> user's guide and the faq, both are linked on the main cygwin homepage
> (<>). Otherwise, not too sure. Take a look at the
> docs/howto's that come with cygwin packages in the /usr/doc/Cygwin
> directory.
> > * What are the names of the forward and backward word  keys
> >    in 'bash', and how do I set them to <CTRL-right-arrow> and
> >    <CTRL-left-arrow>. (I have the environment variable,
> >    'EDITOR', set to 'TextPad".)
> Do you mean you want to perform an action when you do a C+Right-Arrow?
> can be done in the ~/.inputrc file. You should be able to find out more in
> that link above.

One thing that I forgot: Bash does have a system-wide inputrc but you have
to define an environment variable to the location of the file, INPUTRC

export INPUTRC=/etc/inputrc


Elfyn McBratney

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