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Re: The humble <DEL> and other editing keys



See my comments and further questions, below.

At 2003-02-14 06:18 PM +0000, Elfyn McBratney wrote:

> I want <DEL> to do what any self-respecting <DEL>
> should do, namely delete the character at the cursor.

In bash you can add the following

# DEL key in bash
"\e[3~": delete-char

to your ~/.inputrc or your /etc/inputrc file to get
a functioning DEL key.
* ~/.inputrc works. /etc/inputrc doesn't. Why?
* Is there documentation for this? Specific to Cygwin? Or,
  not necessary due to complete compatibility. Does
  terminfo, play a role, here?
* How does one go about writing documentation for Cygwin?
  I'm interested.
* What are the names of the forward and backward word  keys
  in 'bash', and how do I set them to <CTRL-right-arrow> and
  <CTRL-left-arrow>. (I have the environment variable,
  'EDITOR', set to 'TextPad".)

Lee D. Rothstein --
VeriTech -- 603-424-2900
7 Merry Meeting Drive
Merrimack, NH 03054-2934


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