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The humble <DEL> and other editing keys

Since at least 1979, when I started using Warren Montgomery's
Emacs on System III UNIX, I have been annoyed with DEC's and
RMS's treatment of the <DEL> (or <RUBOUT> key as they called
it. In those days, I "reconfigured" my keyboard to fix this

I want <DEL> to do what any self-respecting <DEL> should do,
namely delete the character at the cursor.

Anyone know how to do this with Cygwin command line editing?

Anyway, to get <CTRL><right-arrow> or <CTRL><left-arrow> to
move a word at a time?

I am willing to accept RMS as my god, minus this one hamartia.
;-) Help.

Lest I forget:

To all the Cygwin developers out there:

- Thank you.
- Outstanding work.
- If you can "fix" Windoze, is there anything you can do about
  the weather? ;-|)



P.S. I learned interactive computing on a PDP-8, so I've faced
     this DEC <DEL> issue since at least 1970, but once I saw
     a real <DEL>, I could never go back to the weakling <DEL>
     of DEC. You don't suppose this caused their demise?

Lee D. Rothstein --
VeriTech -- 603-424-2900
7 Merry Meeting Drive
Merrimack, NH 03054-2934


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