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Re: Bash shell



If you have a console window as produced by launching the desktop or Start Menu Cygwin icon (as opposed to an RXVT terminal emulator window), then access the window's properties dialog by activating the window menu from the icon in the upper-left of the window's title bar and choosing "Properties."

Here you can set the window size, foreground (text) and background colors, fonts and, for the purpose of your immediate request, some options.

Access the "Options" tab and activate the "Quick Edit Mode" check-box.

When you confirm this dialog, you'll be asked whether you want this change applied to this particular window only or recorded in the shortcut you used to open this window. Presumably you'll want this change to be persistent, so choose the latter.

Now you can select text with the mouse. When such a selection exists you'll note the word "Select" is prepended to the window's title. If you don't want to copy this text to the Windows clipboard, press the ESCAPE key. At this point, clicking the right mouse or pressing the ENTER key will copy the selection to the clipboard. Whenever you are not in Select mode, a right click will paste any text content from the Windows clipboard, simulating typing of that text. The same goes for text copied to the clipboard in a different application or window.

RXVT, which can run under X or as a GDI application (as dictated by the presence or absence of a DISPLAY variable setting when it is launched), behaves like RXVT, which is to say like a Windows X client. Select text by left button drag or left-click, right-click to copy and middle-mouse to paste. Shift-left-click will paste, too.

You can also establish a Readline binding that will insert the (first line of the) clipboard text when your BASH shell is interpreting input:

"\M-[2~": paste-from-clipboard # Insert

This action is not documented in the BASH or the Readline manual pages. Since it's part of Readline as it's incorporated into BASH, it applies either to console or RXVT-hosted (and other) interactive BASH shells.

Good luck.

Randall Schulz

At 08:37 2003-02-14, Tom Dager wrote:
Hello everyone!

I am VERY new to Cygwin, though not to Linux.

I use the bash shell a LOT and was wondering how do I get it so that I can
copy and paste something from a windows window (such as an IP address) into
the bash shell window. For example I want to use the whois functionality of
the bash shell for an IP I have in a windows window. I cannot seem to copy
and paste anything.

I know that for the Xfree you can use the -clipboard option, but I rarely
use the X system...mostly just the bash shell.


Thomas Dager

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