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Re: Bash shell

Tom Dager wrote:
Hello everyone!

I am VERY new to Cygwin, though not to Linux.
I use the bash shell a LOT and was wondering how do I get it so that I can
copy and paste something from a windows window (such as an IP address) into
the bash shell window. For example I want to use the whois functionality of
the bash shell for an IP I have in a windows window. I cannot seem to copy
and paste anything.

I know that for the Xfree you can use the -clipboard option, but I rarely
use the X system...mostly just the bash shell.
Welcome!  New users are encouraged to make use of the available resources
to see if their question or issue is covered before querying the list.
That includes the FAQ, User's Guide, and email list archives.  In this case,
you wouldn't have needed to go beyond the FAQ.  There's a nice entry about
this in there.  See:

  4.2.24 How can I copy and paste into Cygwin console windows?

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