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Re: Big Problem about keyboard/mapping

Go back to and you'll see a specific
mailing list for Cygwin/XFree86 questions.

I am redirecting this message there.

On Fri, Feb 14, 2003 at 11:57:04AM +0200, wrote:
>ok. lets start by the system specs:
>i have here on my work several server, but now im talking about clients
>and one server.
>Computer1(clients): Cygwin newest version. running under windows2000
>Computer2(servers): HP-UX 10.20 i gues is that version. but anyway HP-UX
>witch X
>So i need to make keyboard to work on hp-ux via x instance.. (this
>charters ???) cygwin as Xserver..
>i have tryied all by xmodmap but that not helps.
>Last choice is modifying cygwin itself keymap to layout FI. So how i
>change that on cygwin CONSOLE? also needed know the mapping sources to
>modifying if nessesury. i have already readed faqs and documents :) i have
>tryied to make keyboards working one week on X. (and worked but none on
>We will use cygwin on future becouse it's free, now we use exceed and that
>is very expencive to our company witch lot of licensess.
>so i give many thanks for reading this and helping. im sorry about my
>english too (it's not good)

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