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Re: Problem in Cron job setup in cywin 1.1.8 on windows NT machine

On Thu, Feb 13, 2003 at 07:21:03PM -0800, Geetha Raman wrote:
>I  didn't upgrade  cygwin because some of our script are  compatible to run
>with  newer version and we are happy with the version we have.

Well, then, you are out of luck.  Time marches forward and you're stuck
in the past.

Please don't waste *our* time by updating a package, expecting it to
work with a two year old version of the cygwin DLL, and then asking us
how to fix this problem for you when it doesn't.  It should be very
obvious from the error message that you received that this isn't going
to work.

>and I just downloaded the package related to cron and cygrunsrv to
>setup a cron functionality in my windows machines so that i need not
>have to manually start the script file every time.  Using the bunzip2
>and tar command i installed it on top of the old installation
>directory.  I rebooted the machine today morning.



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