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Re: DOH! Resolved RE: Compiling rsync 2.5.6 under Cygwin?

Max Bowsher wrote:
> Glenn, Billy wrote:
>> Max- (jump to the end for the spoiler)
>> Thank you MUCH for your quick, and detailed response!  I'll go look
>> to make sure I've got the Cygwin popt package installed.  As to the
>> remainder of your questions, I'll take my best crack here, get with
>> my client (I have YET to witness the problem myself :-( and see if I
>> can get any of the additional output you requested.  I'm not familiar
>> with the strace or gdb commands, but I'll familiarize myself and see
>> if I can provide the info.
> strace: Prints lots of debugging output from Cygwin DLL internals.
> strace -o outputfile rsync <rsyncoptions>
> Caveat: strace is a non-Cygwin program: It does *not* understand POSIX
> paths.
> You can also connect to a running process: strace -p pid
> gdb: Probably easier to connect to a running, hung, process. The exe
> must be unstripped for this to be useful.

I forgot to say:
You must specify *both* the executable file name and the pid. Otherwise, you
don't see function names, only raw addresses.

gdb rsync.exe <pid>

Also, try gdb first. On all but WinXP (and possibly 2k, I don't know),
detaching from a process kills it. So you only get a chance to try one of
these methods.

> Once you are connected to the process, type "bt" at the gdb prompt to
> get the report.

Make that "thread 1", then "bt".

> You can't use both gdb and strace simultaneously on one process


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