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Re: DOH! Resolved RE: Compiling rsync 2.5.6 under Cygwin?

Glenn, Billy wrote:
> Max- (jump to the end for the spoiler)
> Thank you MUCH for your quick, and detailed response!  I'll go look
> to make sure I've got the Cygwin popt package installed.  As to the
> remainder of your questions, I'll take my best crack here, get with
> my client (I have YET to witness the problem myself :-( and see if I
> can get any of the additional output you requested.  I'm not familiar
> with the strace or gdb commands, but I'll familiarize myself and see
> if I can provide the info.

strace: Prints lots of debugging output from Cygwin DLL internals.
strace -o outputfile rsync <rsyncoptions>
Caveat: strace is a non-Cygwin program: It does *not* understand POSIX
You can also connect to a running process: strace -p pid

gdb: Probably easier to connect to a running, hung, process. The exe must be
unstripped for this to be useful.

Once you are connected to the process, type "bt" at the gdb prompt to get
the report.

You can't use both gdb and strace simultaneously on one process

> As to "when it hangs" - the user reports that it's "intermittent"
> (hard to believe) and that is seems to hang after rsync reports:
> <snip>
> rsync -rptvze ssh /home/crcq/rsynctest crcq@wwwdev01:/home/crcq
> building file list ... done
> [HANG]
> </snip>

I don't think the widely complained about rsync hang would actually happen

> As to the warnings vs. errors - I guess I cut my output off a bit shy.
> ARGH!!!  Damn... I JUST realized... I'm a complete idiot.  Despite
> the warnings... as you point out, the compile completes just fine,
> and I DO, in fact, have a new rsync.exe sitting in my source
> directory.
> DOH!  You wouldn't imagine how my co-workers are ribbing me right
> now.  Here's hoping this post doesn't wind up in Google!
> Thanks SO much for your help, quick response, and friendly response
> in the face of obvious ignorance...



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