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Re: Compiling rsync 2.5.6 under Cygwin?

Glenn, Billy wrote:
> Team Cygwin:
> First, I'd like to start by saying THANK YOU for developing and
> maintaining such an excellent product.
> That having been said - I'm trying to implement a solution for a
> client pushing content from a Windows2000 server to a Solaris web
> server.  The obvious tool is rsync over ssh, using public key
> authentication.  Using the bundled packages included in Cygwin, I was
> able to get things up and running NO TROUBLE.... however, my client,
> for some unexplained reason, continues to experience "hangs" when
> performing rsync operations.

Can you give any/all of the following?:
- Exactly when the hang occurs
- strace output
- gdb backtraces

> A good bit of Google research shows a lot of good discussion around
> this problem, and more than a little "finger pointing" as to
> where/why it exists.

Let's confirm that this really *is* the same bug. Any info... as above.

> So, I tried to compile the latest rsync sources (2.5.6) within Cygwin
> - but keep getting the following error:
> <snip from make output>
> gcc -I. -I. -g -O2 -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -Wall -W -I./popt -DBROKEN_LINKER
> -c popt/po
> ptparse.c -o popt/poptparse.o
> In file included from popt/system.h:73,
>                  from popt/poptparse.c:9:
> popt/popt.h:377: warning: type qualifiers ignored on function return
> type

That's a warning, not an error.

Also: Cygwin comes with a popt package. If you install it, rsync will link
against the system popt shared library, rather than needlessly incorporating
an extra copy of libpopt into itself.

> Info: resolving _h_errno by linking to __imp__h_errno (auto-import)

And that's only an informational message.

I see no errors.

> Some research around this error showed that perhaps a
> "-DBROKEN_LINKER" switch might help at compile time - but no luck.

No, not relevant here.


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