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RE: change /usr ?

Please keep replies on the list

On Thu, 13 Feb 2003, Guillaume Devoyon wrote:
> i'm doing experiments in order to do this ... I saw on the site that it
> could be an bad idear.. i'll see, i explain my project:

> We use webmin in order to administrate an server under apache with perl,
> mysql, etc... This server was originally running under linux so there
> was no problems to administrate ... Our devellopment staff has made
> running our server under mysql, apache and perl for windows with no
> linux emulator.

> Of course the webmin is not working.. i tried to run it with winperl but
> there is too much things to change... So i think cygwin is the good
> solution ..

> i "just" have to change the /usr to the one we used... i'll have to do
> carefully with the changing of path, the second step would be to
> automaticate teh mount at the boot of the computer... hehe

You don't have to change anything for that: the mount table is stored in 
the Windows registry and is used by the Cygwin DLL to convert Windows to 
POSIX paths/filenames and back. Just setting the mount table up correctly 
is enough (and as cgf kindly pointed out, there is no magic involved for 
that - just running mount will work).


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