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RE: change /usr ?

On Thu, 13 Feb 2003, Harald Kierer wrote:
> > If Cygwin doesn't need the mount table to be OK to work, *wow* ;)
> Actually you dont need no registry entries. For a minimal approach
> on test PCs I only move the *.exe and *.dll from /bin to the
> machine and start a shell. It "mounts" the drives to /cygpath/x
> and thats it. Ok, you need the directory in your path var in order
> to find some commands.
Learn something new every day...
*WOW* ;)

I've never even considered trying anything Cygwin-related without at least
setting up the proper mount points - but then, I've never actually had to
use Cygwin without its environment either..

Well, in that case, all one has to do to move Cygwin around is ... move
Cygwin around ;)

> What commands wont work without mount points is a different story.
> It depends how you define "cygwin" ;)
I call the cygwin1.dll DLL "Cygwin" - the rest, I call either "The Cygwin 
environemnt" or "Bash", "tcsh", "gcc", "<fill in your favourite app here>", 
or, occasionally, "Cygwin" ;)



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