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RE: change /usr ?

On Thu, 13 Feb 2003, Harald Kierer wrote:

> > Guilaume,
> > 
> > You should think *very* carefully before doing this, but if you are 
> > *really* sure you want to, you can use the mount command to 
> > remount /usr 
> > from c:\cygwin\usr to c:\usr
> > $ mount c:\usr /usr
> > or 
> > $ mount -b c:\usr /usr
> > will do this for you.
> Just a note:
> "c:\usr" will probably give you an "Invalid argument" error.
> Use
> mount c:/usr /usr
> to be sure.
Ah, yeah - I keep forgetting that one... :(

> And since the mount point /usr already exists you might umount
> it first: umount /usr
That won't work - first of all because the mount point /usr doesn't exist 
by default (the c:\cygwin directory contains an usr directory, but there 
is no mount done on it) and second because, even if there *were* a mount 
point /usr, the umount wouldn't (or shouldn't) work because it would be 
"busy" (/usr/bin is mounted over /usr and mount is in /usr/bin).
You might need the -f flag to force the mount, though..

> Oh, and good luck...
He'll sure need it ;)

By the way: there is no problem with changing the name of the c:\cygwin 
directory but you can't do it from within Cygwin. The best (or easiest) 
way to do it is to quit all Cygwin programs, rename your directory and 
re-run Setup to fix your registry. *Do not* edit the registry yourself!
Of course, this is not sure to work either, and none of these procedures 
are even remotely close to advisable, but I guess you already knew that.

Otherwise, what you could do is follow the procedure for un-installing 
Cygwin (which for the moment does require you to edit the registry), move 
or rename the Cygwin directory and run Setup to install over it. That 
*will* work (I've done it when I ran out of disk space) but is not a great 
thing to do either..

Just one question, though: why do you want to mess up your installation 
like this anyway?


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