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Re: change /usr ?


You should think *very* carefully before doing this, but if you are 
*really* sure you want to, you can use the mount command to remount /usr 
from c:\cygwin\usr to c:\usr
$ mount c:\usr /usr
$ mount -b c:\usr /usr
will do this for you.

I should re-iterate, though, that this is probably a *bad* idea.

You should also watch out for /usr/bin and /usr/lib: they are mounted over 
/usr by default, but they live in c:\cygwin\bin and c:\cygwin\lib 
respectively. I have no idea what the symptoms will be when you break 



On Thu, 13 Feb 2003, Guillaume Devoyon wrote:
> i wonder:
> i have an traditionnal organisation made under c:\cygwin (it would be better
> for me to be able to change the name..)
> but my problem is that i have to use the c:\usr instead of c:\cygwin\usr
> Is it possible to do an redirection or chang the place of the /usr file in
> dos system ??
> I can't move my c:\usr to c:\cygwin\usr because it is made by an automatic
> install and used by many programs...
> Guilaume
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