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Re: bash broken with cygwin 1.3.20?

Roland Schwingel wrote:
> I also tried gcc 3.2.2 and gcc 3.2.1 Unfortunately there is no
> config.log in my case..
> *sigh* It appears I am having a hand for these unreproducible
> problems... Some minutes ago I tried a complete fresh and unmodified
> installation of the latest cygwin. And the same result. It is not
> working. Exchanging cygwin 1.3.20
> with 1.3.19 makes it working. So it it might be a cygwin
> 1.3.20-and-rolands-environment
> problem...

Seems so.

> mkdir gcc-3.2.1_obj
> cd gcc-3.2.1_obj
> ../gcc-3.2.1/configure <whatever options>
> It fails with
> *** "Can't find Try using --srcdir=some_dir"

Please post the output of 'ls -l ../gcc-3.2.1/'.

> When trying it with --srcdir=../gcc-3.2.1 it gets a bit further and then
> to be not able to find configuration package of gcc in
> /cygdrive/c/temp/gcc-3.2.1_objc/../gcc-3.2.1
Typo? Or is that exactly what it says?

> When specifying --srcdir=/cygdrive/c/temp/gcc-3.2.1
> I get the same error with a different location
> (/cygdrive/c/temp/gcc-3.2.1_objc//cygdrive/c/temp/gcc-3.2.1)
And again.

Definitely something weird with the path above.

Please post the output of 'mount -m'.


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