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Re: Memory for large arrays in cygwin/g77

This is getting to be a FAQ...

There is a (configurable) limit to the amount of memory Cygwin can 

Charles Werner explains this pretty well in:
he also explains how to change the settings



On Wed, 12 Feb 2003, Charles D. Russell wrote:
> Using cygwin/g77, I was happy with a memory limitation of something over 240
> Mb when I was using a laptop with 64 Mb of physical memory. However, I
> recently acquired a new PC with 512 Mb of physical memory and found that the
> memory available for array allocation did not increase, remaining little
> over 240 Mb. The same phenomenon occurs with f2c as with g77. I can do a
> little better in straight C, with something over 600 Mb available on the new
> computer, but only by declaring the arrays dynamically. What is going on? (I
> am not a programmer, just a number cruncher.)
> I have explored accessible memory by means of the subsequent test program,
> edited in several obvious ways.
> implicit double precision (a-h,o-z)
> c ny=300 works (240 Mb), 400 doesnt (message about heap)
> parameter(nx=100000,ny=300)
> dimension a(nx,ny)
> c dimension a1(nx,ny)
> write(6,*) 'megabytes= ',nx*ny*8/1d6
> a(1,1)=1d0
> a(nx,ny)=1d0
> write(6,*) 'extremes initialized'
> end
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