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cron problems - no longer functions after changing system date


I've noticed a problem with the cron service and as of yet, haven't found any 
posts that echo my problem.  It seems whenever the system date is changed on 
the computer on which cron is running as a service, the cron daemon stops 
functioning.  The service itself doesn't appear to stop (Windows 2000 Server 
reports it as running), but all jobs scheduled to run via cron cease 
functioning after the date is changed.  I've managed to work around this 
problem scheduling cron restart jobs via the Windows Task Scheduler, but it 
is still a nuisance.

I've also used the cron testing script provided on your site to make sure that 
cron and all directories, etc. are setup properly - the script seems to think 
everything is fine.  Given that my jobs run normally as expected when the 
date isn't changed, it leads me to believe it is a cron-related problem.


I'm running Windows 2000 Server, SP3

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