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RE: Cannot get ^Z to suspend a program

> Job control and signals for Cygwin processes are areas pretty 
> internal to Cygwin.  they are also pretty complex.  IMO, it's 
> hard to talk much about adding some feature to them without the 
> context of what's already there.  If you can put your suggestions 
> in that context, I expect you'll get better feedback.  Even if that's 
> not the case, you'll be in a better position to evaluate your own 
> ideas given the current architecture.
	I'm familiar with that logic, however, in a 'design' phase,
it's sometimes useful to forget about "what is" and only look at
the "end result" of what is wanted.  If one limits one's thinking
based on the current design, one might never come up with ideas that
would be precluded by the current design.

	It's more of a "wish list" exercise than a request to actually
go "fix" something so that if someone was working on those areas or
did in the not too distant future, they could, perhaps, be mindful
of what might be, desirable, behavior.

	It's like that saying about "when your are up to your neck
in alligators, its difficult to remember that your original objective
was to drain the swamp". :-)


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