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Re: Malloc failing too soon under XP/2000

On Wed, 12 Feb 2003, Kris Warkentin wrote:

> I'm running Windows XP with 1/2GB RAM and 2GB swap.  Running Cygwin 1.3.18.
> Consider the following program to use as much memory as possible:
> #include <stdio.h>
> #include <malloc.h>
> int
> main()
> {
>         void *x;
>         unsigned long long mem=0;
>         while((x=malloc(500000)) != NULL){
>                 mem += 500000;
>                 memset(x, 0, 500000);
>                 printf("allocated %u\n", mem);
>         }
>         return 0;
> }
> If I compile and run this, it consistently stops at about 780MB.  If I
> compile with -mno-cygwin, it doesn't fail until almost 2GB have been
> allocated.
> Any comment?  Is there some sort of flag I can compile with to make the
> allocator more aggressive?  The situation it's failing in is one where a
> very large library is being linked and ld is running out of memory in spite
> of quite a bit being available.
> cheers,
> Kris

Well, for one, 1.3.20 is out.  You might try that -- there have been some
changes to the memory management code, see if they fixed your problem.
For another, there is no need to copy Doug Lea on this.  This is most
probably a Cygwin-specific issue, and belongs on the Cygwin list.
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