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Re: bin dir not created during cygwin setup in Win2kPro

On Wed, 2003/02/12 02:09:47 -0800, Peter Davis <> wrote:
> start Cygwin, it bombed -- the c:\cygwin\bin and \usr\bin directories are
> not there!
> Everything else is, including c:\cygwin\usr\X11R6\bin\*, but of course I
> can't run any of those programs because the cygwin DLL's are also missing.

and on 2002/10/24, Jim Langston wrote:
> It was pointing the bin directory to the directory of some other SSH
> program I had installed earlier.

Yes, that turned out to be my problem.  I had apparantly installed OpenSSH
at some point a while ago (possibly from installing Putty ssh client?  I
can't remember.).

This is still a problem with the installer though: if you don't want
to overwrite any old registry values with the new install locations, the
various .bat files and other settings that expect the /bin and /usr
heirarchy to be under Cygwin's root need to be updated.  Or something
needs to be done, or at least some notification that the heirarchies don't
match.  My two cents.

Peter Davis <>
Furthermore, I believe bacon prevents hair loss!

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